Circle Acrylic - 3"

$ 46.25

This product is 3" by 3".
All acrylic options are 1/8" (3mm) thick material.

Be sure to select "add hole" if you are planning on hanging the product. 

The minimum order for this product is 25 pieces. 

We laser cut all our products from high quality acrylic in our Dallas, Texas studio. All cut edges are smooth and flame-polished. Acrylic blanks arrive with a protective peel-off paper/plastic backing to prevent scratching in transit. 

Please submit a custom inquiry for personalized, engraved, and printed acrylic pieces.

Acrylic blanks are perfect for creating place cards, escort cards, signs, ornaments, key chains, favor tags, mixed media, and other crafts. They suitable for paint, pen, decoupage, or vinyl applications... and whatever craftiness you desire.